Friday, June 24, 2005

Four words for Tom Cruise:


I thought about writing a few more words on this topic, but then I realized the utter futility therein. Especially when those four suffice.

Now..... today, on our local morning newscast, I heard one of the anchors utter this phrase (or words to this effect): "Coming up after the break, Aruban PO-leece make another arrest..." Okay, that may not strike you as particularly funny, but I about fell out over it! To hear a Midwestern accent (or lack thereof) saying "PO-leece" instead of "puh-LEECE" just slew me! I assume that perhaps the Teleprompter(R) split the word across two lines, and in the fog and fuzz of morning, she didn't mean to say it that way. But it was dadgum funny!

It could have been funnier; they could have said, "Coming up after the break, watch the law go after another suspect...." Here in the South, sometimes law enforcement officers are simply called "the law" -- as in, "I'm gonna call 'the law' on my neighbors if they don't shut up that arguing at all hours of the night!"

Of course, the phrase 'the law' (meaning the PO-leece - HAA!) is not to be confused with the expression "They LAAAAAW!!!" (sort of the same as "Oh my Lord!" or "GOOOLLLLLL-LAY!").

Yup, I didn't know until today that they had the PO-leece in Aruba. HA HA HA!

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