Saturday, June 25, 2005

Memories light my corner of the web.....

I ran across an old initial edition of "Meanderings" -- apparently, my original intent was to sort of do my own blog without calling it a blog. But then I found and figured, "Why reinvent the wheel?" Someday, I will actually post the thought found therein. It's pretty good, but unfinished.

In updating my web pages, I also found another page I was planning to post, but never did.... "My Favorites." While some of the items on the list haven't changed, others did. And that made me think about how our interests change -- for some, more often than others. For instance, ten years ago, if you wanted to get me the perfect gift, something about angels or with a drawing of an angel was a good place to start. I still have the books and prints, but I'm not as into angels (or at least the collectibles) as I was then. Some people have lifelong favorite things, colors, scents, whatever. I like a little more variety, and yet retain some familiar favorites.


By the way, it hit me that I didn't have the comments feature turned on. It is now active in case you'd like to add your thoughts to the mix.

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