Saturday, June 04, 2005

My name is Annette, and I am a bad blogger....

(Hi, Annette!)

Now that there are some different things going on in my life, perhaps I will get around to it more often. A few changes since my last writing: left my old job, am working again (after about 2 months of vegetation -- guess I got my Christmas wish, huh?) and in general really loving life.

Anyway, recently I have found myself in a strange position of being the old kid on the block at work. It is unusual because I have always been the "baby" of the group, the young whippersnapper, every place I've worked. Even when I worked with my contemporaries at AT&T/NCR, most of them were only a couple of years younger or so, and I *was* the youngest admin in my group. In my current configuration, I am the oldest. I am older than the manager of the group by two years. The person to whom I report is 10 years younger than me. That, my friends, is a weird place to be in. Now granted, I have the blessing of looking younger than my years, but it's just ... well, not to beat a dead horse, but weird. I'm now the "voice of wisdom..." (Y'all pardon me while I go laugh my considerable rear off at that notion!) :-)

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