Sunday, June 05, 2005

Yippee-skippee for Jesus.

Recently, I took the opportunity to attend a teen-oriented Mass at a parish. All I can say is that, in regards to the music (which is meant to be contemporary and relevant), I got more out of the George Harrison song that was on my radio as I left Mass. The music was indeed contemporary, but far from relevant to the Mass.

I have nothing against parishes trying to reach teens. I have a massive problem with them catering to whatever is "hip" in an effort to reach them. The Mass itself is always relevant and contemporary, even as it is centuries (now millennia) old. Further, the music should enhance the liturgy, neither serving as the focus nor the selling point to get butts in the seat.

Keep in mind, I am a moderate Catholic -- neither ultra-liberal or super-conservative. To certain conversatives, I say, "Vatican II happened; get over it." To certain liberals, I say, "The revolution is over; let's move on." All I ask out of Mass is a chance to worship with music that enhances the action (instead of being the focus), with nothing distracting me from the liturgy itself -- including overblown drama, whether it comes from the congregation or the presider.

And just a further nit-picky point: when you sing, it's AHH-men, never AY-men, unless you are in a production of Lilies of the Field. Since none of tonight's singers or congregants were nuns in the Southwest nor Sidney Poitier, then you should sing AHH-men.

Old fart rant over now.....

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