Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Random thoughts for a Tuesday....

Oh My God. What can you say about some of the Idol contestants from Boston (tonight's show) other than "My EARS!!!! My EARS!!!! Make it STOP!"


Today, I received a package in the mail from the Bear Hug Brigade.... a group of ladies who take it upon themselves to send a care package when their friends are hurting -- or just need an extra boost. I got my bear today -- a beautiful tan bear with a flower embroidered on its chest. And enclosed was a sympathy card on the loss of Tee. It was especially poignant, since today is the 2-week anniversary of her wake.

And as I also sit here and type, I see the packet of bracelets I bought from The Breast Cancer Site -- 2 each of 3 styles, with a portion of the money going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I've decided to name the bear "Little Tee" and use it as a reminder, both of my friend, and as a personal reminder never to let my own awkwardness get in the way of what is really important in life.


Got a great compliment at work today. One of my tasks is to help the CFO by working on a specific file that he uses as a backup (really, more of a complement) to our database system. I really flubbed the December file up badly -- caused me huge stress a few weeks ago. I was determined that January would be much smoother and done sooner.

Less than a week into February, the January file is complete -- from BOTH sides (mine and his). And I have my February working file ready to fill in tomorrow morning (and all month long). The CFO's e-mail to me was very complimentary of the hard work that had gone into the January file.

My boss helped me tremendously -- there was one day where my figures were off and I couldn't figure out why. She showed me where my error was, and gave me a new perspective on how to do something. It worked VERY well, and I intend to incorporate that into this month's file.


And isn't life great when you're listening to your radio -- one of your very favorite songs comes on, and it's one that hasn't been burned to a crisp -- and you break into a huge smile, thinking of some memory that goes with it, or a great time in your life (if no specific memory is attached)? I wish that feeling could be bottled.....

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