Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Talk about your revolution....

It's Independence Day!

Today is the one-year anniversary that I left my old job. I cannot believe what a remarkable year it has been. I remain amazed by the changes I see in myself. I am stronger, happier, more confident, prouder of my work, happier, loving life, laughing more, happier.....

One year ago today, I left work in tears, sad at leaving but excited about the future. I stopped and signed the papers on my new (okay, "newsed") car as well. New car, new start.

One year ago, I had no new job waiting in the wings. Boy, talk about scared crapless.... that went against every principle I had at that point. But I decided I was still young enough and employable enough that security was not as much of an issue as I had feared. I had always played it safe; it was time to risk some things.

One year ago, I went to bed and slept totally soundly that night -- not a toss or turn. I had an interview the next day (didn't pan out, but no matter), and I was on my way.

For roughly 11 weeks, I sat at home. A smattering of work came my way, along with lots of interviews. Two of my dearest friends helped me take the vacation I desperately needed -- their generous love and care are not taken lightly and cannot be repayed! Those weeks at home were exactly the prescription I needed for my future: a healthy dose of rest, overflowing measures of laughter, and bountiful heaps of renewal.

To all my friends who have seen me through this last year, my love for you is immeasurable..... honestly! You have witnessed my lowest lows and rejoiced in my highest highs. Celebrate Independence Day with me!!!!

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