Saturday, February 17, 2007

Completely stoked!!!!

If you've never heard of Fafarazzi..... well, it's kind of like a fantasy football league, only the draftees are celebrities. You earn points based on how many times they are in the news.

I joined a couple of leagues last fall. In one I proudly own the "Dead Last" trophy -- the celebs I drafted didn't score an entire point.

This week, the draft was held for the newest league I'm in ...... JACKPOT!!!! I got Anna Nicole Smith. I know it is truly wrong to rejoice in the death and/or sufferings of fellow human beings, especially one who had such great tragic circumstances in life. But I'm getting TONS of fafa points off her death, possible burial, possible embalming, will publishing, the custody battle, the DNA testing.......

Of course, one of the other teams racked 'em up today all because that cheap hussy, Broccoli Spears, decided to shave her head and get another tat. And speaking on that, who'd have EVER thought K-Fed would look way more responsible than her. That girl needs a serious reality check.

Anyway, when I found out I got Anna Nicole Smith in my team, I did the happy dance. Then I had to explain to my coworkers exactly what fafa is.

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