Saturday, February 24, 2007

Not a shoe girl -- does this revoke my "girl" card?

We were having a discussion about shopping on the messageboard, and if we enjoy it or not.

Well, shopping in general I don't mind..........
  • Clothes? Don't get me started. I realized a couple of years back that I am a serious clothes horse. Right now, it's been made worse by a buttload of clothes that I can no longer wear and MUST do something with. Now. There is a consignment shop for plus sizes, but I haven't had much opportunity to get my crap together and over to them. So I'm thinking eBay instead right now.
  • Groceries? Hey, gotta eat. It's one of those experiences I don't dread, but unless I'm doing a special dinner or something, I don't go all out over either.
  • Gifts for others? Oh yeah. I enjoy that!
  • Things for myself. Well, DUH! Put me in Barnes & Noble, Earshot or Horizon, Ulta, Bath & Body Works or any other store and I'm all there. Books, CD's, cosmetics,
  • Purses? Meh. I can take or leave them. I don't get all into designer purses or having fourteen purses in various colors, styles, etc. I have about 4 decent all-around purses that I use. That's all I need. Stacey & Clinton tell me that it no longer matters that if the purse and shoes match, so I am in heaven. Which brings me to ....
  • Shoes.Revoke my girl card now. I don't hate shoe shopping but I'm not into shoes either. I can live off about 4 pairs.
I did the higher heels when I was younger. I now have ugly feet to show for it. I went to a podiatrist a few days back to take care of an ingrown toenail (OUCH!) and took a look at a chart of common foot issues that was in the examining room. I noticed that I probably have bunions and a few hammertoes as well. They don't cause me any great pain because I've had them for so long. My feet have looked pretty much the same for the last 20 years. All the damage was done in my pre-teen and teen years.

I've always had big feet, as do most of the women in my dad's family. Mom's family (on her mom's side anyway) has all the little teensy feet. My one lone remaining great-aunt wore extra-narrow shoes. Little bird feet women. My grandmother and two paternal aunts -- well, to say we'd be more comfy in the shoe boxes would probably not be an understatement. I wear 10 wides and 11 mediums (depending on how the shoe is cut). I was wearing an 8 medium by the time I was 10 -- same size as my mother. So she let me raid her shoes plenty of Sunday mornings for church. But then, comfort became an issue in my early 20s. My feet were killing me. So I have paid attention and kept them out of heels ever since.

And since comfort trumps style, I don't do the cutesy shoes or high heels. Unfortunately there are times that is all I seem to find in the stores.

So if it means taking away the GIRL card, go ahead. I'll stick to reasonably comfy shoes and indulge my obsession with other things -- CDs anyone?

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