Thursday, October 20, 2005

Enjoy The Ride (r)!!!

If you're looking for a great classic rock station, please please please allow me to recommend a great one: The Ride 95.7 FM out of Charlotte NC -- now streaming for your listening pleasure!

I was lucky enough to discover them purely by accident one day on the way to my friend Nicole's house. I was also amazed to discover that (a) they were out of Charlotte and (b) I could pick them up on the other side of Greenville! They are my morning bliss on the way to work, and my evening wind-down.

They are not your typical Southern classic-rock station (also known as the "All Skynyrd, All ZZ Top, All the Time" syndrome). They play Steely Dan, they play Van Morrison, they play Talking Heads, they play the Clash, they play the Beatles, they play the Stones, they play lots of artists -- all with pure joy and abandon.

They even play -- are you ready for this??? -- deep album cuts.

Administers smelling salts to readers. Allows them a few to catch their breath.


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