Sunday, October 16, 2005


......WIPEOUT! I am totally pooped!

Each evening this past week, I worked like a madwoman on a costume for a party this past Friday night. I still didn't get it perfectly in line with my vision for the outfit, but pretty darn close. So it worked well.

What didn't work:
1. The wig: It was too darn hot and humid Friday night to wear. It was on for five minutes before I said, "Enough of this!!" But this costume really needs it, so by the time of the next event, I'll have perfected it (and hopefully the weather will cooperate as well).

2. The earrings: The hoops were horrendous. I bought this pair of silver "ho-hoops" (humongous hoops which hit my shoulders) which were thin and felt very light. WRONG! Even without the wig, the hoops were a nightmare. I wore them for a half-hour and took them out. OUCHIE! They actually, at one point, had twisted around, taking my earlobes with them.

3. The bracelets: I have a ton of stretchy jingly bracelets, all very cute and inexpensive (which suits my checkbook just fine). Unfortunately, they do not suit my skin -- if all the conditions are right (wrong?) and the moon is in the seventh house, then my skin will break out in a godawful red itchy rash at the mere touch of costume jewelry. At least the bracelets were able to stay on for a whole hour before I started feeling a little itchy. And luckily, my skin is thanking me for paying attention -- the rash didn't develop.

What worked:
1. The skirt: I spent most of Thursday evening sewing costume coins and bells on the eyelet trim of my broomstick tier skirt. It was perfect!!

2. The shirt: Last weekend, I ordered a shirt online (after searching for two weeks in vain for a peasant blouse, which apparently just isn't in this season). I could have paid twice the cost of the shirt for express shipping (guaranteed by the 11th), a nice chunk for delivery by the 13th (for a party on the 14th) or wait 10 days for regular shipping (not even an option). So I paid the nice chunk and prayed and crossed my fingers for arrival on the 13th. Would you believe it came on the 11th??? Anyway, the shirt was just gorgeous, a perfect fit, and very light -- perfect for fall!

3. The shawl/headpiece: Okay, really, I was less "gypsy" and more "Stevie Nicks, pre-rehab" ... but I had her in mind as I was working on this. I found a beautiful fabric at Hancock Fabrics -- an iridescent dark red. When I saw it (in dark red and a plum color), I started looking everywhere for hunter green ('specially with my red hair).... but no such luck. Oh well, the red was exquisite. And incredibly easy to sew. And I can use it over and over. I put my pewter Merlin pin on with it (a wizard with crystal ball) and it was perfect. Of course, I'm saving my $$ for one of those SO cool dresses from a place I saw on eBay -- one where I can still use the shawl and headpiece!

4. Most importantly, the good friends! It was a wonderful evening with good friends. Lots of friends came from all over (from as far as Texas, Indiana, New Jersey, Tennessee... where else?) for a whole weekend of fun (started by the party). Special thanks to Shawn & Catherine who opened their home for the party and as a B&B for us Carolina girls. We also got to have lunch at a great little Cuban place in Doraville with a few other folks. Shopping, too! We (the Carolina crew) decided to bail a little early because of some things going on today (we were starting to poop right on out)......

I have a few things to do today, so no nap for me (at least none I can foresee). So extra vitamins and such to ensure I don't become susceptible to any nasty bugs out there. Too much to do....

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