Sunday, October 30, 2005



If you don't recognize the bass line, I'm trying to replicate "Another One Bites The Dust." That's the song that swims through my head whenever I think of roller-skating. I was around for the resurgence of skating in the late 70s/early 80s (think "Xanadu")..... and EVERY single time I went skating, it wasn't a complete evening until they played "Another One Bites the Dust." I went to skating birthday parties, weekend skates, church youth group skates. I owned my own pair..... white with burgundy and gold trim, translucent yellow wheels and a bright yellow stopper, size 9 (at 10 years old!). Oh yeah baby, I loved those things, and I loved going skating.

Today was the first day I wore a pair of skates -- quads, no less! -- in probably 20 years. Mr. Know-It-All had a skating party, and I finally got back on a pair of skates for the last 10 minutes of it. One: it was like 1980 all over again (HA!) except for the music. Two: These were some really loose wheels. Or else I've forgotten they're supposed to be that way. Three: to quote Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon, "I am too old for this kind of (barnyard substance)!"

Then there was "BreakDance Guy" -- some guy who was probably way closer to my age than the rest of the people on the floor, and he was showing off the moves. Yep. It really WAS like going back in time (insert rolling eyes icon here). He even had the mullet to go with it (and I could have sworn his locks bore some Jheri-curl in them too). ...... SNORK!

Oh yeah -- Stacey & Chris gave me their present -- HONEST, they know me so well! They got me a poker chip set, some Princess gear, and a cocktail shaker & glass set. Heh heh heh.....

Happy birthday, my birthday buddy!! I'm glad you had such a fun party!


Seraphim9 said...

Don't forget "Funkytown"! There was nothing quite like the feeling of the wind on your face as you flew around the skating rink while trying to avoid getting tripped up by the pitiful-looking kid in the middle of the floor doing this weird flailing walk-roll move with the one skate that was half-laced and had the pants leg stuck in the boot.

Ahhhh....those were my Skate Towne days!

bolivar said...

Oh God!! I remember my skating days! I thought I was the greatest roller skater when I learned how to skate backwards. I haven't skated since I took Julie roller skating back in 1992, but I remember my teenage days, when I was too young to drive. Every Saturday nights were spent in the rink. Van Halen's "Dancing in the Streets", Billy Squire's "The Stroke", & couples-only skate when you skate with the one you love - or at least the one you loved that week.
Nice post!!

Bolivar "Skate" Shagnasty

oomm said...

I'm gonna be skating in my head to another one bites the dust for the rest of the day now!

Yay! (burntsugrr)