Saturday, January 14, 2006

Getting better all the time.

I have the world's best friends. I promise. I always knew this, but after my meltdown the other day, I rediscovered it.

During my rough day, just as I was getting ready to go to the boss's office to discuss the project I was working on, I heard, "Nettie, please call the switchboard. Nettie, please call the switchboard." I thought, "Oh man! What is going on?" I went up front and there was my friend Nicole, with a present for me. She had tried calling earlier to let me know she was coming by to pick up a part they needed at their office, but I had the phone on "no calls" (to work on the project). She brought me some scrapbooking supplies and a Frappucino. To someone who was on the emotional edge and crying all day anyway, I just cried all over again at how completely sweet and selfless it was. Even our receptionist was moved to tears -- but she hates to see anyone cry (kind of like Truvy in Steel Magnolias).

Then the next morning, after a looooong sleep prefaced by a migraine, I awoke to a response (to my previous post) from my good friends in Georgia. I started crying all over again. Plus my friends on the MBOL were just so sweet to me as I begin this new phase in my life -- of recognizing the good in myself and stopping the negative self-talk.

We had a girls' lunch out that day (okay, really just my department, but....). I brought back some dessert and gave it to a coworker who was also having a very bad, horrible, terrible, no-good day on Thursday. I felt really bad that I couldn't console her in her hour of need because of my own crisis. She replied that working with me each day was present enough -- and to take back the dessert (I told her to pass it on to her hubby!).

And best of all, the project (Phase I) is finished, and I'm working heartily on Phase 2 on Monday. Gotta get it done -- time crunch. And now I know what I need to do with this project each month.

Today, I went shopping with a dear friend - just like old times, and I had such a great day! We laughed and gossipped and just had a total blast catching up on all the news we'd missed with each other. She's just like a sister to me, and even though we haven't spent too much time together lately, it was as if no time had passed.

Life is good.


M said...

I'm your friend too, right? you love me too right?


nettiemac said...

Well DUH!!! :)