Monday, January 02, 2006

Of prosthetic chins, French failures, and ol' cousin Nimrod

I went over to my pal Stacey's house today to exchange presents and visit for a while. We had a great time, and I am so blessed to have her, hubby Chris and kids Rebekah & JP in my life!

Speaking of the kids .... well, to use a good ol' Southern expression, "they ain't right!" (Believe me, in my world, it's a high compliment). It means in this case, they crack me up and leave me in stitches. Tonight, it was Rebekah's turn to perform.....

First, JP had brought a false nose (Halloween style) into the living room. After he abandoned it, a few minutes later, she purloined it, strapped it around the bottom of her face and said with glee, "Look Mommy!!! I finally have a chin!!!" Another thing that Stacey and I have in common: round Irish faces without chins......

Next, we were helping her study for her test tomorrow in South Carolina history. Stacey asked her, "Of the three settlements, which lasted: the Spanish, the French, or the British?" Rebekah said, "The British.... the French, they failed" and threw her hand up against her forehead in extremely dramatic fashion. I swear, if they do not enroll her in a dramatic arts class, it will be a major mistake -- that girl has talent!

Then we began talking about settlers, and I mentioned my great-great-great-great-grandfather, who came over from Ireland to SC in 1792. He had a son named Nimrod (my direct ancestor), and we all cracked up over the name Nimrod. Yeah, it's a Biblical name, but it has such a bad connotation these days ("What a nimrod!"). So I started teasing Chris about a cousin of his out West -- the only other male in his family -- and said that he'd better start producing some other male heirs, so that Rebekah and JP could have a cousin Nimrod L. Rebekah starts howling, "NO! No cousin Nimrod!!!"

JP also had his funny moments of the evening, but he was working on his homework and not really engaged in the hilarity. He was busy trying to come up with "P" words for his worksheet! At least easy P words that he could draw.....

I love these kids to death, and I love the amazing way that their minds think!

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