Thursday, January 26, 2006

Idol Worship, Week 2

Sweet Lord. It just gets worse and worse, doesn't it?

Okay, before we take a look at the nevergonnabe's, I must say that Kelly Pickler, Katherine Neill, and Paris Bennett are going to be VERY strong contenders. It would not surprise me if all 3 are in the big hunt. Fabulous voices all!

Tuesday's torturers:
Munchkin Woman (whatever her name was): she had on a pink cowboy hat. Correction: she sounded like a Munchkin on helium. HORRID!
Rhonetta: holy Jesus. She was just (beeeeep) horrible, and had not a (beeeeep) bit of (beeep) talent, unlike that (beeeep) Paula Abdul who ain't even CUT no (beep)(beep) record in no twenty years. So bow down (beeeeep)! I do admit to a bit of amazement at how she was able to keep her glittery tube top up around her rather ample (but sagging) bazoom.

Wednesday's woefuls:
Wolfie: sings like Clay Aiken? He can't even beat out Clay Pot!
The girl who quit her job: Homegirl shoulda KEPT that day job!
Marcus, the "all-terrain entertainer": Hmm. Well, he certainly had an interesting hairdo. But when he broke into "This Little Light of Mine" I 'bout lost it. Yep. That's how I want to make my mark on "Idol" -- go in and sing a Sunday School song.
27-Year-Old Rock Girl: In the words of Dr. Evil, "riiiiiiiiiiight." 27, my considerable azz. Those have been a tough 27 years for her.
Santo NiƱo de Atocha dude: As my pal Carol said, "He made the Baby Jesus cry...."

I can't wait until next week......

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Kate/Susan said...

Hey Annette :-)

Long time no hear! I can't find your email anywhere, so I'm just dropping you a note... I swear AI is rigged, so I don't watch it any more! :-) Drop us a line!