Sunday, September 16, 2007

A MEME from Kate/Susan

I got tagged. I now have no choice! :-)

The Rules: 1) You have to post the rules before you give the facts. 2) Players must list one fact that is relevant to your life for each letter in your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name then use a name that you like. 3) When you are tagged, you must write a post containing your own middle name game facts. 4) At the end of your post, you must tag one person for each letter in your middle name. Don’t forget to comment them telling that they are tagged and to read your post to get the rules.

I have one middle name and I go by it .... but I know this won't be as easy as it looks, because of all the double letters.

A - Apples: I eat about one a day, if not more. I love them. My very favorite kind is the Pink Lady, followed by Gala, then Fuji. I'm partial to reddish and yellow apples. Not really crazy about green ones, except for cooking. Granny Smiths are fantastic for that!

N - Nirvana: I didn't get them then. I was solidly old-school in my musical tastes from about age 19 on. I can appreciate their music now, but it's not like they were all that and a bag of chips to me.

N - Name: I am named after my mother (first name, unused) and some girl my dad knew from high school or from the "neighborhood" (such as it was out in the country). No foolin'.....

E - Eggs: Eggs and I do not get along. They upset my stomach. I'm sure a lot depends on how they are prepared -- but two of the last 3 times I have eaten eggs out somewhere, my stomach has done flips within about an hour. I don't remember about the 3rd time. If I use Egg Beaters and do it myself at home, then it's not such a problem. But I'm just not an egg fan (now the whites of hardboiled eggs -- mmm!!! No yolks, though!!!)

T - Timepieces: I don't wear one (unless I have my pedometer on). The pedometer has a clock in it, but otherwise....... Wristwatches give me fits -- the metal against my skin makes for one hellacious itch. I need a Swatch like I had in 1985. All plastic. Did have a banana-scented band until my Anais Anais took over.

T - Taurus: According to my natal horoscope, my moon is in Taurus. I'm still not quite sure what that means, exactly.

E - Easley: the town where I was born. My hometown didn't have a hospital!

Okay, now I have to tag seven...... Tal, Sera, Bolivar, Stace, RadioVixen, Ballz, and VivJ. There you go.

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