Saturday, September 15, 2007

When having gas is a good thing.....

Ever since I was a little girl, we've had electric stoves. In avocado green, for as long as I can remember. The last time we had to get a new stove was in 1985 or 1986 (I forget which; I do remember I was a junior). Of course, that was because I set the kitchen on fire (long story - don't ask). Even then, my mother INSISTED on getting avocado green to match everything else bought in the 70s.

Since that time we've managed to replace all the other appliances with white ones (thank God!) .... except the stove. Dad and I have long held the opinion that the next stove WILL be a gas one. We perused a few at various places and remarked on the benefits of having one.

Tonight, as we were broiling chicken, we noticed a strange glow. Yep..... the heating unit was burning itself in two. That was it for Dad. He told my mother (as he took the chicken to the grill to finish cooking it) that our next stove WILL be a gas one and will be white. Hallelujah on both counts.

They're going Monday to discuss some things with our natural gas company and go stove shopping. I wish them well, and can't wait for the new one!!!!

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Talmadge G. said...

"I work for the gas company. Did you know more than 60% of the people in Pittsburgh have gas?"

I'm sure Seraphim will vouch that it's common knowledge that most professional chefs prefer cooking with natural gas over electricity.

However, neither of us like the sudden *FOOM!!!* when a gas burner lights up. Nor do we like the (deregulated) situation for gas in Georgia. Back at our old apartment, heating and hot water were gas (but not the range) .... and eventually the heater was replaced with an all-electric HVAC unit.

What we ended up with was $30 -- including a $25 monthly "customer service fee" -- just to have hot water out of the shower each morning. Uh-uh.

There are arguments pro and con for both types, though. But I'll take Reddy Kilowatt.

--Talmadge "My grandfather would've been proud" Gleck