Friday, December 30, 2005

Desert Island discs

There really is a record collection out there called "Desert Island Discs" -- in fact I own one of them! And one of my earlier "stolen from..." posts this week asked me to list four that I couldn't live without.

It's more like forty, or even four hundred, that I couldn't live without. But if I had to pare it down to ten, here's what I'd choose (in no particular order):

1. Gold (Steely Dan; expanded edition) -- okay, I'm a major Fan O' The Dan. So having to choose simply one album of theirs, I picked this one over Decade or Greatest Hits or Two Against Nature or Aja or any of their others. Why this one? Why not?

2. Rubber Soul (Beatles) -- it's practically a tie with Revolver, but I give this one just a slight edge. Don't know why.... just something appealing about it.

3. Exile on Main Street (Rolling Stones) -- I find it very hard to choose between the Stones and the Beatles. I love them both. And I love '67-'73 Stones best of all. I picked Exile, but I'd prefer a 3-disc set (along with Sticky Fingers and Goat's Head Soup).

4. Gold (Frank Sinatra) -- he's been dead for some time, and this is some of his older stuff. It matters not. He can still melt the heart.

5. Moondance (Van Morrison) -- Because it's him. Singing. Romancing the soul. Awakening the senses. Making magic. That's reason enough.

6. Boston (Boston) -- one hell of a debut album. I just wish it didn't take them eons to produce additional albums.

7. Decade (Allman Brothers) -- yes, I'd pick this one over Live at the Fillmore East, but that's just me.

8. Getz/Gilberto -- okay, truly, I'd like to take with me the compilation that my "exchange brother" Marcio left with us when he returned to Brazil. Some incredible bossa nova by Joao Gilberto. But since it was a homegrown compilation (on cassette, no less!), and I have yet to find all the songs on one CD, I'll take this one. Good stuff, all the way around.

9. Very Best of (Eagles) -- I have seen them live, and friends, I am here to tell you that it was almost a religious experience. So this would have to be the one. And besides, it has "Please Come Home for Christmas" on there....

I can only pick one more?????? NO!!!!! You can't make me! I love them all! You can't make me choose! You can't, you can't, you can't!

10. Colors of the World (compilation). Allegro Records has a series by this name, but this was the first sampler -- all sorts of world music. I have the Latin and Celtic compilations and they're all great, but this one has a little of everything.


Talmadge G. said...

Excellent choices. And I fully concur on Van Morrison. I'd buy an album of him with The Shaggs playing backup.

Although when I think of Getz/Gilberto, my mind starts thinking of their rendition of "The Girl From Ipanama" -- which, of course, leads to the most famous version: scored for Muzak and played in the elevator at the Richard J. Daley Plaza.

--Talmadge "Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut!" Gleck

bolivar said...

I hope you knew that you would get some feedback from me!

1. GOLD / Steely Dan

I would agree on this one, since it is hard for me to pick one Steely Dan album that stands out (they are all great, in my opinion - even "Gaucho", which critics slammed the worst)

2. RUBBER SOUL / Beatles

Awesome choice, although, for personal reasons, the White Album is my pick. A lot of memories associated with that album.

3. EXILE ON MAIN STREET / Rolling Stones

By far, their best studio album, but "Goats Head Soup" on the same 3-lp package?? I agreed with "Sticky Fingers", but "Goats..."? That LP made my ten-worst list back in 1992, and 14 years haven't changed that. The ten worst... future post, anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

4. GOLD / Frank Sinatra

Frank can do anything he wants because he is still the "Chairman of the Board". I don't see anyone remotely close to taking it. I read a review of a Bon Jovi album where it stated that Jon would headline in Vegas in 2025, & called Jon the "Frank Sinatra of his era." Jon can't even shine Frankie's shoes! Whoever wrote that review lowered his smartness bar several thousand feet.

5. MOONDANCE / Van Morrison

With greatness like Van still around making great music, is Eminem really necessary? Choosing one album that stands out is an impossible task, but I will say this with confidence: Van has NEVER made a bad album. A few mediocre songs, yes, but never a bad album.

6. BOSTON / Boston

One hell of a debut album. Back when LPs were still the norm, I considered side 1 of that album to be the greatest side in rock history. Did you know that the 8 years between the second & third albums were considered to be "the other Boston marathon"?

7. DECADE / Allman Bros.

Another great choice, but I must point this out: "Beginnings" is a repackage of the first two (and best two) albums, & I would put that one over "Decade". And still, "Live at Fillmore East" is the greatest live album of all time. How is that for a debate?


I have heard of Juao Gilberto ("Ipanima"), but I am not too familiar with his (or Getz's) work. Introduce me to their work when I see you this year.

9. VERY BEST OF... / Eagles

At one time, I loved the Eagles. Now I can't stand them. When I think of the Eagles, I think of Southern California and country-rock. However, I think of those same two characteristics when I think of the Byrds and the Buffalo Springfield - and I much prefer both of those bands to the Eagles. Also, Don Henley's solo career proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, where the Eagles' talent lies - "Building the Perfect Beast" is one of the best albums of the 1980s.
Now with that being said, "Very Best of" is the ultimate stopping point if you have to have the Eagles in your collection.

10. "Colours of the World" (compilation)

I have heard world music in the forms of Latin, Celtic, & reggae, but, outside of Bob Marley, I am not too familiar with it. Burn me a copy.

Coming soon - Bolivar's desert island discs on most of these blogger stations. Stay tuned for "Harry Connick's Tribute to Eminem" and "Barry Manilow's Tribute to 50 Cent".

Talmadge G. said...

"Harry Connick's tribute to Eminem"??!!

That's it, I'm changing the channel.

nettiemac said...

Thanks y'all!!! I appreciate the feedback!