Friday, December 16, 2005

One tired gal....

What a week!!!! We had an ice storm here, with about a 1/2 of ice on trees, power lines, and roads. I am one of the lucky ones -- we had almost no interruption at home or the office. There are nearly 700,000 customers in North and South Carolina who cannot say the same.

I work near at least 20 restaurants, all within about 1.5 miles of the office. Usually, it's a veritable feast for the palate. The last two days? Only one restaurant that we could find that was open. Today, it was about 5 -- and only two of them were in the main restaurant area. Let's just say that Wendy's and Atlanta Bread were doing BOOMING business, and yesterday "The Deli" (as we call it) got a BUTTLOAD of our business (at least 35 meals). And we were VERY grateful indeed that they were open and serving!

On the drive to work, I was stricken by the beauty of winter. One of the roads still had LOTS of ice-laden trees, and it was almost blinding in its beauty -- a very bright blue sky, and the trees that looked crystalline and white everywhere. It was amazing.

Wherever you are, stay warm!

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