Friday, January 05, 2007

It didn't take Jesus this long...

My internet service is still down, awaiting the resurrection.

In the words of the Indian pimp in Bachelor Party, the Major Telecommunications Conglomerate (henceforth, "Buttheads") "have been liar to me!" Last Tuesday, my service was reinstated (don't ask - even longer story). Liar #1 told me, "I'll have it turned back on within 24 hours." Nine days later, my phone is on but NOT my Internet. Seems Buttheads assigned me a temporary new number instead of rolling everything back on to my normal number -- and never told me. The DSL order? Attached to new number. Then even after spelling my user ID, they still managed to screw it up and misspell it.

FINALLY, I got someone yesterday who managed to actually give a damn and listen to my problem. Bad news? Still 3 more days.

Dealing with them has been one gigantic cluster(expletive deleted) without the (personal product).

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Anonymous said...

I just thought of something: are you able to try another DSL provider where you are? We have DSL at work now for going on a year and it isn't from Major Telecommunications Conglomerate. We have it from Earthlink. I wonder if that's possible where you are. Although the monoliths would like it as such, I don't think you're necessarily tethered to dancing with the one who brung you the phone line.

Good luck. Times like these, that Other Major Telecommunications Conglomerate (heretoforth referred to as "Comcast") doesn't seem so bad. And that's saying something.

Mega JuJu-age is coming down your crippled connection.